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This page covers per extension settings for VxM Locater  found in the Extensions Module.

The can be an alternative to Follow Me or work in conjunction with Follow Me. Rather than have every call sent to an extensions Follow Me, callers can choose to leave a message in the Voice Mail Box or select from up to 3 options defined by the user to continue the call.   

If the VxM Locator is enabled the user will be able to see the settings in the Settings Menu of the User Control Panel, but can not change them.

The user must record their Voicemail greetings to reflect the available options, so callers will now these options are available   



VmX Locater

Is VmX enabled or disabled for this user

Use When

Enable VmX Locater during the unavailable Voicemail Greeting
Enable VmX Locater during the busy Voicemail Greeting
Enable VxM Locater during the temp Voicemail Greeting

Voicemail Instructions

uncheck Standard Voicemail prompts if you want the beep after your voicemail greeting to be heard

Press 0, 1, 2

These are the options you may give to your calls and program where the call should be sent to in the corresponding text box

Go To Operator

Checking this will over write the press 0 option, the default Operator Extension, Ring Group, or Call Queue can be set under Settings, Voicemail Admin, Dialplan Behavior

Send to Follow-Me

Checking this will over write the press 1 option, and acts like a Force Follow Me, meaning your Follow Me list will be called even if it is disabled. Having Follow-<e disable when using this settings normally the correct setup, as it does not make sense to send a caller to your follow me, to be answer by Voice Mail upon no answer just to give the caller the option to try the follow me again.