Voxis CallPoP for Windows

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Download: CallPoP.zip


Voxis CallPoP is a in house developed application, designed to suite the needs of multiple requests for Inbound Call PoP program for Outlook. Voxis CallPoP has been expanded to include a basic desktop callerID as well as a Inbound Call PoP for our Hosted Vtiger CRM solution.


Unzip the download provided below and run the setup file, If an out dated version of the Microsoft Visual Studio Run-time Library is detected, the Setup file will automatically update the system, reboot and ask you to run setup again


   Click OK

Click the Install Button

Click Continue

Click Ok

Configuring Voxis CallPoP

If you want Voxis CallPoP to start when windows starts, Start, Programs, All Programs, CallPoP, CallPoP Settings

Click Start CallPoP with Windows, then Click OK

Open CallPoP, Start, Programs, All Programs, CallPoP, CallPoP

Open the Setting Screen by clicking the Gear button

after you fill the settings out press the save button in lower right, CallPoP should now connect


PBX URL, AMI User, AMI Pass and AMI Port

Due to Security you will need to open a support ticket and request "A AMI User for Voxis CallPoP", Voxis will make an account and give you the settings unique to your PBX
Non-Hosted Customers that are self maintaining their On-Site Solution can create users under Settings, Asterisk Manager Users in FreePBX 


Enter the extension number of the desk or soft phone that will be used at this workstation, CallPoP only supports one extension per install

PoP Settings  

Do Not PoP

Disables the program

PoP On Ring

Generates the Notification PoP as soon as your extension starts ringing 

PoP on Answer

Generates the Notification PoP as soon as you answer your extension

PoP Screen Keep Alive (Seconds)

Make sure to set the between 0 and 60, the program will not work correctly if this setting is not set or is out of range, this setting controls how long to keep the PoP screen up, 0 is until the call is ended or you manually close the PoP  

What to PoP

CID Display

Desktop CallerID mode, shows a screen like the one below on a inbound call

Outlook PoP Contact

If the callerID is found in Outlook this setting will open the contact, if not user is given option to add to Outlook

Outlook PoP CID with option to open contact

If the callerID is found in outlook, as screen pops up with option to open the full contact in Outlook

if the callerID is not found, then you are given the option to add the contact to Outlook

Vtiger 6.1

for Hosted Vtiger CRM customers, they can select Vtiger 6.1, which will search for any or all of the selected Contacts, Leads, Organizations, and Vendors databases for a callerID match

the PoP screen will show links to any Vtiger records should it find a match, users can click on the links to open the records.

Note: you must be actively logged into Vtiger for the links to work, otherwise you will be taken to a login screen, Vtiger can be minimized, in another tab, or behind another window but you must be logged in


Download: CallPoP.zip