About Voxis

About Voxis
Voxis Telcom is an Enterprise VoIP - SIP Trunk telephone provider. Voxis also offers Full Service IT and phone systems.
Voxis though its 35 major CLEC and ILEC carrier partnerships can offer phone service out of over 8,000 local markets in the United States.
Voxis has a unique business model and product offering in the commercial VoIP market that allows us to offer services tailored individually for each and every customer.
Voxis has a no nonsense, no contract pricing structure, no per seat, per user, per feature fees. Voxis customers on average save 75%-50% over traditional analog phone service like AT&T. Voxis customers also save 50%-35% on average over other commercial VoIP carriers like 8x8.

Voxis Current Phone Service Offerings

Hosted IP PBX Phone Service
- Purchase Hardware from Voxis, Bring your own, or convert existing IP hardware
- Voxis Managed, Self Managed, or a combination to fit your needs

SIP to On Premise IP PBX Phone Service
- Purchase Hardware from Voxis, Bring your own, or convert your existing IP PBX
SIP to Legacy Analog PBX or Key System
- Don’t need or want advanced IP features, not ready to invest in new hardware but want to save on your monthly bill
Fax Services
- Unique system that allows fax to and from Email as well as adapting legacy analog fax machines on the same account!
Toll Free Voice and Fax
- No pre-paid minute buckets, no minimum usage charges

Other Service Offerings

Hosted or On-Premise CRM (Customer Record Management)
- Integrates with PBX with click to call and Inbound look up via Voxis CallPoP
Hosted or On-Premise Email
- Exchange features at a fraction of the cost!
Network Design
- Security and Bandwidth Management
Internet Consulting