Virtual Queue Plus

FreePBX Pro Modules
Virtual Queue Plus $475.00 / 25 year License 
Virtual Queue Plus expands the options available in the PBX queues and allows you to assign dynamic queue penalty rules to escalate calls based on the length of hold time. VQ Plus also allows you to create Virtual Queues to manage queue behavior and expand and customize caller destinations for callers routed through the virtual queues.
Queues Call Back Option
Allow callers to optionally hangup their call and have the queue hold their position in line for them and call them back once their held position would be the next caller to be transferred to a agent. 
Build Dynamic Queue Penalty Rules that change the longer a caller waits in a queue.
Example: Set a queue to only try agents with a penalty of 0-3 for the first 30 seconds, then only try agents with a penalty of 2-5 for the next minute.

Create Virtual Queues.
A virtual queue allows you to change the settings of a queue before you route the call to your queue.
Destination of Failover
Wait Time
Minimum and Maximum Penalties CID Prefixes
Example:Setup a single support queue "4000". All normal support callers go to Queue 4000, but you could create a virtual queue "VIP" that would allow you to change the CID prefix of the callers that come through to be VIP before they are sent to queue 4000. This allows you to setup one queue for all of your agents to log into, but route callers through the Requires FreePBX 2.11 or Greater virtual queue to change settings before going to queue 4000.

Expanded Queue Destination Controls
The standard queue only allows you to send unanswered calls to a single destination regardless of why the call was not answered. VQ Plus gives you the ability to control destinations for additional reasons.

Queue Fail Over on FULL Destination
Queue Fail Over on JOINEMPTY Destination
Queue Fail Over on LEAVEEMPTY Destination
Queue Fail Over on JOINUNAVAIL Destination
Queue Fail Over on LEAVEUNAVAIL Destination

Post Hangup Destinations
VQ Plus adds the ability to route both the agent and callers to any destination on hangup of a queue call.
Example:Route the inbound callers to a survey system automatically when the agent hangs up the call, or send the agents to a similar destination when the caller hangs up the call.