Legacy Fax Machine Adapters - Overview

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Legacy Fax Machine Adapters

While many ATA adapters can be setup to adapt Legacy Fax Machines, the Grandstream Handy Tone 701, 704,  GXW4008 Series, and GXW42XX have been thoroughly tested
Do not attempt to splice multiple fax machines on a single port, to use multiple fax machines on the same Fax Box use multiple adapters or a large port adapter  

1 port to adapt a single fax machine, typically installed just behind the Fax Machine
Large Port Adapters 
Large Port Adapters are for adapting large numbers of Legacy Fax Machines, Typically out of the Telephone closet punched down to a 66 distribution block. each port can support 1 Fax Machine. Ports can belong to the same Fax Box or Different Fax Boxes but no port can belong to multiple Fax Boxes. 
Note: Customers that are also adapting legacy Analog PBX or Key Systems may use a single large port adapter, a group of ports may be dedicated to fax while another group of ports can be dedicated to Voice     

Self or desk mount 4 port adapter with 4 RJ-11 ports
Self or desk mount 8 port adapter with 8 RJ-11 ports
Rack mount 16 port adapter with 16 RJ-11 ports or 1 50 pin connector
Rack mount 24 port adapter with 24 RJ-11 ports or 1 50 pin connector
Rack mount 32 port adapter with 32 RJ-11 ports or 2 50 pin connectors
Rack mount 48 port adapter 2 50 pin connectors