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Voxis Fax Service

Fax Lines

PSTN SIP Fax Channels are similar to PSTN SIP Voice Channels. To maintain the highest quality possible Voxis maintains two separate networks for Voice and Fax. The products work exactly the same way with 1,000 included aggregated minutes billed in true second increments. A full page of text averages 30 seconds of time consumption. The largest difference in our PSTN SIP Fax product is each channel includes 1 Fax Box which includes 1 Local DiD with the t.38 codec. A Fax Line can support an unlimited number of Fax Boxes 

Fax Box

A Fax Box includes 1 Local DiD, each Fax Box can support an unlimited number of authorized email addresses that will receive inbound faxes via PDF and can send faxes with attached PDF file directly from your email client. In addition to Fax Email a Fax Box can support gateways to adapt your legacy fax machines; this gateway can be programmed to send only or to send and receive faxes for automatic printout.
All authorized email addresses in a Fax Box account will receive new inbound fax notices, there is no way to disable this feature, there is no way to route faxes to a particular email. If Employee A should not see Employee B's faxes then those employees should have separate Fax Box accounts.
Email addresses can be authorized on multiple Fax Box Accounts. IE a department supervisor may want to be authorized on all the Fax Box Accounts of the employees in that department