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Equipment: (prices include pre-configuration)

IP Desk Phones

GXV-3275                $350.00    GXV3275_datasheet_english.pdf        
GXV-3240                $250.00    GXV3240_datasheet_english.pdf
GXP-2160                $155.00    GXP2160_datasheet_english.pdf
GXP-2140                $145.00    GXP2140_datasheet_english.pdf
GXP-2130                $135.00    GXP2130_datasheet_english.pdf
GXP-1450                $95.00      GXP1450_datasheet_english.pdf
GXP-1405                $75.00      GXP1400_datasheet_english.pdf

IP Desk Phone Side Cart (works with GXP-2140, GXP-2200 and GXV-3240)

GXP-2200-EXT        $175.00    gxp2200ext_brochure.pdf

IP Wireless DECT Phones

DP-715                    $95.00    dp71x_brochure_english.pdf

IP ATA Gateways (to adapt legacy PBX’s for SIP Service over RJ-11 and/or 50 pin Telco)

HT-704                    $155.00        ht702_704_brochure_english.pdf 
GXW-4008               $300.00        gxw400x_brochure_english.pdf 
GXW-4216               $725.00        gxw42xx_brochure_english.pdf
GXW-4224               $1050.00    
GXW-4232               $1450.00
GXW-4248               $2100.00

IP PRI Gateways (to adapt legacy PBX’s for SIP Service over PRI)

G-100                    $1550.00        G-XXX-gateways-hardware-datasheet.pdf
G-200                    $2600.00
G-400                    $3900.00
G-800                    $5200.00

IP ATA Gateways (to adapt legacy fax machine with FaxBox)

HT-701                $55.00        ht701_brochure_english.pdf

Routers (for QoS and Bandwidth Management)

Custom Build PFSense                                   Starting at $350.00

On-Site IP PBX (for non-hosted solutions)

Custom Build Asterisk/FreePBX Servers                Starting at $550.00


Ask for quotes on overhead paging, door bell intercom, ring bells, headsets, conference rooms phones, IP surveillance and other networking gear such as POE switches